Update Ready!

Rise and shine pilots, rise and shine.

Mmm, smell that? That’s the smell of Hangeki in the morning.¬†You won’t find that smell anywhere else.

What’s that? Your nose doesn’t detect any new scents?
Well then that must be the New Update smell, a much more subtle aroma.

Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day has passed, and it’s time to put down
the roses for the significant other/ice cream and movies
and pick out a new arsenal.

This new update features seven new weapons, improved graphics, and the Hangeki Rush!

High scores tables are meeting some changes, with a Friends/Rivals feature
and a reset. Veteran players returning to the skies will find an icon
next their profile name for volunteering early to test the powerful

For new pilots, interested in recruitment, Hangeki is now available for 50% off through the weekend!

Return to the battlefield to shinier weapons, prettier particles, and
explosion-er explosions, and resume repelling the invasion!

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