Global Game Jam 2014

A new lunar year dawns, the year of the horse! May your Checkmates come from unforseen angles!

Last week, Pentavera participated in Global Game Jam 2014, and in 48 hours worked with fellow game designers to create two games!




Nightlife is adventure game about finding your way through the forest.


Filled with beautiful scenery, and taking the Excellence in Art Award,
this game is not yet availiable as it is still a work in progress. We
will post an update when news of its release is announced!


Death of Field

In Death of Field, you are a ninja that suffers from farsightedness, so extreme that you cannot see enemies that are close to you. Run, jump, and
cut/evade enemies that stand in the way between you and your objective. Death of Field won awards for Audio Excellence, Technical Excellence, and Overall Excellence at Global Game Jam Albany.

Watch gameplay of their game here.

And download it here or by visiting the Global Game Jam site!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our mini-projects, as well as presenting more about Hangeki as development continues!

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