Ready to Launch!

Attention all pilots! The Hangeki Initiative has been hard at work upgrading our facilities to address the ever-present threat of the Invasion.   The new weapon selection system in the hangar has already proven itself a favorite, and updated HUD displays make information much more appealing amidst a torrent of gunfire. In order to recognize […]

Update Ready!

Rise and shine pilots, rise and shine. Mmm, smell that? That’s the smell of Hangeki in the morning. You won’t find that smell anywhere else. What’s that? Your nose doesn’t detect any new scents? Well then that must be the New Update smell, a much more subtle aroma. Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day has passed, and it’s […]

Global Game Jam 2014

A new lunar year dawns, the year of the horse! May your Checkmates come from unforseen angles! Last week, Pentavera participated in Global Game Jam 2014, and in 48 hours worked with fellow game designers to create two games!     Nightlife is adventure game about finding your way through the forest.   Filled with beautiful […]

Pilot’s Guide – Meter

Weapons play a major role in Hangeki, and using weapons efficiently requires the strategic management of the combo meter. In this brief article, I will cover a few key aspects of the combo meter as well as a few strategies to consider when trying to pull off weapon combos. 1) Not all meter levels are […]

Hangeki Menu Upgrade

Menus are important, and the current menu in Hangeki just isn’t pulling it’s weight. We’ve been hard at work refining the game to provide a better experience to you, the player, and the new menu design addresses a lot of the problems of the old menu. 1) Single level list. No more clicking through extra […]

3D Backgrounds and HUD Update

Back in the old days, wars weren’t fought in three dimensions. There weren’t enough men to go around to arrange such a fight. Pogo sticks and moon boots simply couldn’t lift men high enough to really count for that extra dimension. Then came along metal sandwiches and motorized fleas, and the third dimension was truly […]

Evacuation Day

Greetings pilots! Today marks the 230th Anniversary celebration of Evacuation Day On this day in 1783, George Washington led the Continental Army through the city of Manhattan after the last of British troops had departed. Nine brave fighters may look at this day of freedom and stand proudly to have conquered the mighty Yokuna Donaku, […]